Bespoke solutions for your business‚Äč

Every litigation claim is unique, we provide creative solutions for timely and cost-efficient recovery of claims.

“Most litigation financiers treat third party financing as a transaction, whereas LitiCap treats it as a partnership, taking far greater ownership of outcomes and health of the business. This is why we are the preferred partners for Litigants.”

Anoop Gupta

Managing Director

Hands on, holistic approach

Most claimants are first-timers to arbitration. Additionally, law firms are able to advise very selectively on legal issues only. The successful resolution of the dispute and cost-efficient recovery of the claim requires a holistic strategy. This is where LitiCap steps in with its proven track record of business and litigation strategy.

LitiCap has a unique approach combining finance, strategic expertise and litigation management experience to help clients establish their rightful claims and achieve favourable outcomes. 

LitiCap brings the expertise and experience of

Selection and working with the right lawyers, dealing with jurisdiction issues.

Strategic contributions in written submissions to improve predictability and increasing claim amount.

Selection and appointment of arbitrators and setting up tribunal

Coordination with various service providers, anticipating and avoiding bureaucratic and judicial delays

Managing assets and capital


1. Application

Submit your case details to us for review

2. Due diligence

We will perform a thorough review of the merits of the claim

3. Agreement

If the claim is suitable, we will propose a term sheet for funding

4. Funding

After signing the term sheet the engagement starts and the funds are disbursed

5. Monitoring and review

We go way beyond just providing finance and are deeply involved in crafting strategy and monitoring the progress of the claim.

Check our portfolio of cases and learn more about the unique value that LitiCap adds.