We provide finance and expertise to help businesses win meritorious litigation claims

LitiCap is one of India's first third party litigation financiers.

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Unlock the potential of your litigation assets

We provide non-recourse funding for legal fees and expenses in commercial lawsuits so that you can reduce risk, manage liquidity, and access expertise that helps you get a favourable outcome.

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Areas of expertise


We provide strategic and management support, and bring on board a panel of the best lawyers in the country to ensure your contractual rights are enforced


We provide financing with a customised approach to help you meet litigation expenses and reduce the burden on operational cash flows.

Award Monetization

We help create structured financial solutions to help you monetise your awarded claim even before appeals and other legal recourses are exhausted


We bring significant experience in international arbitration in South Asia, South-East Asia and Africa.

“Most Litigation Funds treat third party funding as a transaction, whereas we approach it as a partnership.”

Anoop Gupta

Managing Director, LitiCap Partners

Who we are

LitiCap is a part of Concept Group, a 22-year-old strategic consulting firm that specializes in turnaround and growth strategies for businesses of all sizes. We have first-hand experience of dealing with dispute resolution in India from start to finish.

We have a demonstrated track record of building businesses, but also the valuable experience of leading commercial dispute resolution to a successful conclusion.

Anoop Gupta

Managing Director

Mr. Anoop Gupta is an entrepreneur with 37 years of experience in strategy consulting, turnaround, and global business leadership.

Anoop has worked overseas with KPMG, Arthur Anderson, Hewlett- Packard, Credit Agricole Bank and as a board member of a $400 million conglomerate.

Our approach

Every litigation claim is unique, we provide creative solutions for timely and cost-efficient recovery of claims. We have a hands-on, holistic approach combining finance, strategic expertise and litigation management experience to help clients establish their rightful claims and achieve favourable outcomes. 

Why opt for Third Party Litigation Financing?


Focus on what you do best

We understand the nuances of contractual claims litigation. By engaging a third party litigation financier like us, you can improve your cash flow management and focus your working capital, talent, and energy on what you do best – your core business.


Unlock liquidity and reduce risk

Our investment in your litigation is on a non-recourse basis – this means we only get paid if your claim is awarded. With our expertise, we help companies speedily navigate complex, lengthy cases for a positive, risk-free outcome. 


Level the
playing field

Litigation is often won by the party with deeper pockets due to the high costs involved. We level the playing field for smaller players to access the best legal talent and litigate rightful claims against larger bodies.

Our Portfolio

Road Toll Concession Company – Completed Arbitration

A parent company of LitiCap partnered with Malaysian GLC (subsidiary of sovereign wealth fund of Malaysia) and built a toll highway for a Government of Maharashtra undertaking in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, India with a Foreign Direct Investment of ~USD 90m.

A guide to Third Party Litigation Funding in India

Litigation funding is a fast emerging field in India. Understand the nuances and landscape of third party litigation funding in India and how it can help businesses unlock capital.


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